Crochet Tuesday: Blue flowers

I made this flower from a pattern I found in a book called Häckelblumen (crochet flowers) by Nicky Epstein. In the book the flowers were designed entirely in white to decorate a bridal bouquet but I think they are very pretty in two colours and can decorate all sorts of things…blue flowers (1)… like, for example, this simple T-shirt. I think these five quickly crocheted flowers turn it into something really nice and flowers (2)

Of course you can use any flower pattern to decorate clothing in a similar manner. What I particularly like about this pattern is the perl in the centre. Again, the perl can be added to many similar crochet flower patterns. I think it makes the flower look a little more elegant and, if nothing else, it covers the small whole that can sometimes come up in the centre of a magic ring.

Crochet Tuesday: Grey Parrots & Crow wall hanging

parrots & crows (1) parrots & crows (2) parrots & crows (3)A good friend of mine did her PhD researching and comparing the behaviour and intelligence of grey parrots and crows. When she finished her projects and became a Dr I made her this grey parrot and crow hanging to celebrate her great achievement. I hope she enjoys it as she always loved the birds she worked with.

The pattern of the crow was taken from a German crochet book called ‘100 kleine Häkelfiguren’ (100 small crochet figures) by Andrea Biegel. I then adjusted the pattern for the grey parrot, changing the feather colour to grey, the beak and feet to black, and the tail to red. I also adjusted the shape of the beak to make it more curved to resemble a parrot’s beak. The legs of the birds in this pattern were made from coloured pipe cleaners.

I crocheted three birds of each type and assembled them on a string to turn them into a wall hanging. Of course you can use any type of amigurumi figure instead of the birds I used.

What do you think about a wall hanging like this? Do you like it?

This is me…

Let me tell you a little about myself and why I started Twirly Crafts.


At present my greatest crafting passion and most prolific area of crafting is crochet. I love it and most of my crafting time is spent happily entangled in lots of colourful yarn.

Another one of my favourites is card-making. The endless possibilities for using so many different materials and the never ending stream of occasions that require sending cards ensure that card-making remains such a grateful activity.

Another emphasis of my life in general, not just my free time, is to try and create a healthy, natural, harm-free, gentle environment for my family. This is a constant work in progress and there is so much I still have to learn. I’m aiming for a mindful life, gentle parenting methods, a fresh, vegetarian, home-cooked diet, and homemade everyday products such washing powder. One of my great challenges is to reduce the amount of waste my family produces.

Happy crafting and creating everyone…

Hello and welcome to twirlycrafts

Hello and welcome to my twirly, whirly, swirly world of crafts!
I am building a new blog on this endless and fascinating topic. My most favourite craft of them all is crocheting but it’s by no means the only one I enjoy. I mean, really, what about crafts is not captivating?
Besides crafts I also love vegetarian cooking, healthy, natural, simple living and gentle parenting, so these issues might well come up every now and then.
I hope you will enjoy my blog and am always happy about any comments, tips, or suggestions you might have for me.
So, bye bye for now and keep crafting…