Crochet Tuesday: Piggie, Mouse, & Bunny Pram Toy

pram toy (1)I made this little pram toy for the baby of a dear friend. I hope the little munchkin enjoyed it. my friend told me her daughter liked to grab at the tangling toys. They are roughly based on patterns found in a book called ‘100 Kleine Häkelfiguren’ (100 little crochet figures)

pram toy (2)pram toy (3)

pram toy (4)

Crochet Tuesday: Bride and Groom Mouse

bride & groom mice (1)I made these marrying mice as a wedding present some years back. They are based on a pattern of mice I found in a book called ‘100 Kleine Häkelfiguren’ but I adjusted them for their purpose. They are holding a little crochet bag which contained a money present.

bride & groom mice (2) bride & groom mice (3)bride & groom mice (4)

Crochet Tuesday: The first ever cow

Hahaha, this was my first ever attempt at crochet many,many years ago! It was supposed to be an amigurumi cow and as you can see it did not quite work out. I can hardly believe i stayed with it after this attempt but luckily things improved afterwards. It’s fun to look back though 🙂first ever cow

Crochet Tuesday: Blue flowers

I made this flower from a pattern I found in a book called Häckelblumen (crochet flowers) by Nicky Epstein. In the book the flowers were designed entirely in white to decorate a bridal bouquet but I think they are very pretty in two colours and can decorate all sorts of things…blue flowers (1)… like, for example, this simple T-shirt. I think these five quickly crocheted flowers turn it into something really nice and flowers (2)

Of course you can use any flower pattern to decorate clothing in a similar manner. What I particularly like about this pattern is the perl in the centre. Again, the perl can be added to many similar crochet flower patterns. I think it makes the flower look a little more elegant and, if nothing else, it covers the small whole that can sometimes come up in the centre of a magic ring.