Crochet Tuesday: Work-in-progress Bag

I am making a dark blue bag that will be decorated with white and light blue flowers. For now here is the bag: 


I used a shell stitch throughout to create the pattern of the main body of the bag. The shell stitch is done by crocheting three double (treble) crochets into one stitch or gap and then skipping two stitches. 

Once I have finished the flower decoration I will line the bag and add a zip. I’ll put up a post of the complete bag when it is done. 🙂 

Crochet Tuesday: Bobble Necklace

This quick little bobble necklace is the product of the last Hook Club. It was a little fiddly but great fun to make these. So fun in fact that I made another one just like it for my friend shortly after. The pattern is free from Lion Brand Yarn and is very straight forward and easy once you get the hang of it. It’s certainly a great option for a little present and the choice of yarn determines how smart or casual the necklace will look. It would also be nice to make a longer one and wear it in several layers or maybe to have a shorter, bracelet version to match the necklace.

IMG_2471IMG_2472  IMG_2473


Crochet Tuesday: Small Patterned Bag

patterned bag (1)I recently completed this small patterned bag as a present for a friend. I found the pattern for this Granny Stripe Boutique Bag on

I love the pattern. It’s so cute and works up really quickly and easily. I made only one change to the pattern. Instead of sewing up the bottom of the bag I inserted a flat bottom.

patterned bag (2)

This is what I did:

Ch = chain

hdc = half treble crochet / half double crochet

Row 1: ch 7.

Row 2: work 1 hdc in 2nd ch from hook, 5 hdc, ch 1

Row 3-15:  6 hdc, ch1

Row 16: 6 hdc, finish off

Now turn the bag inside out and sew the bottom in. Turn the bag back and you have a nice smooth finish.

Oh yes, and I also filled the bag up with chocolate…  😉

patterned bag (4)

Crochet Tuesday: Flower Bookmark

flower bookmark (1)These flower bookmarks are based on a free pattern I found on It was designed by Debra Woodard. I love the pattern as it’s so delicate and flowery. I only had to adjust the size of the bookmark a little as the original  pattern was too big for my purpose. Adjusting the size is easily done though by adding or subtracting stiches or rows and fixing as many flowers as prettily fit. These two books marks made great little presents!flower bookmark (2) flower bookmark (3)

Crochet Tuesday: Grey Parrots & Crow wall hanging

parrots & crows (1) parrots & crows (2) parrots & crows (3)A good friend of mine did her PhD researching and comparing the behaviour and intelligence of grey parrots and crows. When she finished her projects and became a Dr I made her this grey parrot and crow hanging to celebrate her great achievement. I hope she enjoys it as she always loved the birds she worked with.

The pattern of the crow was taken from a German crochet book called ‘100 kleine Häkelfiguren’ (100 small crochet figures) by Andrea Biegel. I then adjusted the pattern for the grey parrot, changing the feather colour to grey, the beak and feet to black, and the tail to red. I also adjusted the shape of the beak to make it more curved to resemble a parrot’s beak. The legs of the birds in this pattern were made from coloured pipe cleaners.

I crocheted three birds of each type and assembled them on a string to turn them into a wall hanging. Of course you can use any type of amigurumi figure instead of the birds I used.

What do you think about a wall hanging like this? Do you like it?