Slow cooker vegetable stew

  I thought I share my first ever slow cooker experience with you. Some time ago a got a slow cooker from a dear friend who wasn’t using it and today I have finally tried it for the first time. Luckily my family thought it was a success and ask for the experience to be repeated so I made some quick notes on how I made the stew and here they are:  


1 swede (700g)

5 carrots (400g)

2 parsnip (200g)

1 sweet potato (400g)

2 large potatoes (400g)

Then add on top:

1 fennel 

1 large onion

1 leak

2 bay leaves

Pour over enough vegetable stock to just about cover the vegetables, approximately 2.5 litres.

Add salt, pepper & dried parsley

Now cook on medium/standard slow cooker setting for 6 hours. 

After 6 hours take out the bay leaves, stir the stew and if you like mix in a little garden lovage. 

Serve with fresh whole meal bread. Enjoy!


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