Crochet Tuesday: Yoga Mat Bag

yoga bag (5)I love yoga and I love my yoga mat. I always take my own mat to class so I made a bag to take my bag in.

I used six large granny squares, three for each side of the bag. Each square has a different colour pattern and they are all connected by green yarn. I got the free pattern for the granny square from the blog Singed With An Owl.

yoga bag (1) yoga bag (2) yoga bag (3)

After completing the squares and deciding on the order in which to assemble them I attached the three squares belonging to each side of the bag using the Granny Join found in a free tutorial on Carina’s Craftblog.

To give the bag more stability I used a simple double (English: treble) crochet join connecting the two sides:

row 1) double (English: treble) crochets along the first long side, the bottom and the second long side of one of the blocks of squares.

row 2 & 3) double (English: treble) crochets into the double crochets of the previous row

row 4) single (English: double) crochets connecting the double crochets of row 3 with the second block of squares.

yoga bag (4)

I used a tie string at the top to close the bag.

row 1) chain 62

row 2) 1 half double (English: half treble) crochet into third chain from hook, 59 half double (English: half treble) crochet into the chain, finish off

Thread the tie string through the spaces in the granny squares about 3cm from the top of the bag.

I knitted the handle you see in the pictures but an easy crochet handle could be made quite quickly:

1) chain 9

2) 8 half double (English: half treble) crochet

3-xx) continue until handle is long enough for your liking, Remember that it will stretch a little with the weight of the yoga mat in the bag.

Fix the handle to the bottom and top of the bag. Bag completed!

yoga bag (7) yoga bag (8)

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