Crochet Tuesday: Blue flowers

I made this flower from a pattern I found in a book called Häckelblumen (crochet flowers) by Nicky Epstein. In the book the flowers were designed entirely in white to decorate a bridal bouquet but I think they are very pretty in two colours and can decorate all sorts of things…blue flowers (1)… like, for example, this simple T-shirt. I think these five quickly crocheted flowers turn it into something really nice and flowers (2)

Of course you can use any flower pattern to decorate clothing in a similar manner. What I particularly like about this pattern is the perl in the centre. Again, the perl can be added to many similar crochet flower patterns. I think it makes the flower look a little more elegant and, if nothing else, it covers the small whole that can sometimes come up in the centre of a magic ring.

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